Sunday, July 1, 2012

Instant Bread Malpua


  • 4 Bread 
  • 1 tbsp malai or wipped cream(optional)
  • 2tbsp oil(for fry the bread)

for syrup:
  • 1 cup sugar
  • saffron a pinch
  • 1 cup water
  • cardmom powder a pich

  1. cut the bread slice in to  desired shape and fry the bread slice in meduim heat from both sides, utill it crispy and brown .
  2. Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and press them with another spoon to drain oil.
  3. Now drop the Bread slices in to sugar syrup and flip with spoon utill both side coated.

4. After 30 seconds take out  the bread from sugar syrup and serve in the palte.
5  apply wipped cream on the top of the slice .decorate it

For Syrup:

  1. mix sugar and water in the pan and boil on medium heat.
  2. syrup should feel sliky in your finger.Take out  from the heat and   add cardamom powder,saffron.

Tips : if you don't want to fry  the bread in the oil then you can use  toaster
until it get crispy


  1. yummy and mouthwatering. keep it up.

  2. this was yummy...thanks a lot! :D