Monday, July 16, 2012


Hi friends,

This is my first award. Two of my blogger friends, Sanoli from  & Beena from  shared this 'Fabulous Blog Ribbon' with me. This ribbon is actually token of love towards blogger friends. Sanoli and Beena are good friend ,even i got inspiration to creating the blog from sanoli. i love to follow them, they are always appreciated for their interesting and delicious recipes in this blogger world and regularly I searched their blogs for updates. Thanks a lot to both of you,Sanoli and Beena  for this token of LOVE. Really this is an enjoyable moment to me. As per rule I want to pass this ribbon to five of my blogger friends.

As always by accepting this fabulous ribbon, I have to comply to follow the rule:
Rule 1: Post rules on my blog.
Rule 2: State '5 most fabulous moments either in real life or blogosphere'
Rule 3: State '5 things I love'
Rule 4: State '5 things I hate'
Rule 5: Pass this ribbon to '5 lovely blogger friends' (leave a comment in their blog to notify of their win)

Rule 1: Acoording to this, I have already posted the rules above.

Rule 2: '5 most fabulous moments in real life or blogosphere'
1) When i got the prize in 2009on  new year( during M.CA) for best Girl of my Institute.
2) When I got my first job and Today when i got this Award from Sanoli & Beena .
3) when first time i came in US .My hubby arrange dinner for me.
4) when me and my hubby sing a song in our office and got kindle.Next time we dance together with indian Idol in North Caroline(Charlotte) .
5)every other time is most memorable when i left my mom & family and come in US.

Rule 3: '5 things I love'
1) i love my all  family members  and besides this every small creature in the world.
2) I love my blog
3) I love to visit the new place and love shopping mostly buy new dress, jewelry.
4) I love to cooking
5) I love to listening music, without music i can not pass even a single day.

Rule 4: '5 things I hate'
1) jealousy
2) Dowry system
3) crime
4) Partiality.
5) Corruption.

Rule 5: The toughest part, to pass this fabulous ribbon to '5 lovely blogger friends'
jay from tastyappetite.
Satya from superyummyrecipes
Vani from vanilohith
Padu from padhuskitchen
Shweth fromshwetainthekitchen


  1. Congrats dear........wish u will be rocking with many more awards in near future. With lots of love, smiles and hugs from your bhavi.

  2. Congrats Priyanka!! Liked all the 5 things about, your likes and dislikes.. wish you many more awards.. Happy to follow you :)
    ~Recent Recipe~
    Sambar Without Sambar Powder
    -You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

  3. Hey Priyanka, congrats on your award! Wish you many more to come in future..
    Thanks for passing on the ribbon to me dear..will post it soon.


  4. Congrats on your award...happy to follow u...
    do visit my space in your free time..
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  5. congrats dear...your blog very well deserve it & wishing you many many more..!
    thanks for sharing the honour with me..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Hi Priyanka ,


    for your Award:))

    Keep on Dear ..

    Welcome to my

  7. Congratulations on your award, wish you lots and lots of award on your way.