Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Milk Dalia (Breakfast)


1/2 cup Dalia(cracked wheat)
2 cup milk
4tbsp sugar
1tbsp crushed or sliced coconut
10-15 Raisins or Kismish
5 Almond (coarsely sliced)
pinch of cardamom powder

In a pressure cooker ,heat ghee and saute the dalia util it turns little brown or you get the aroma  .
Add twice amount of water in pressure cooker and cook it on medium heat, until one whistle. keep it aside
On other side boil the milk .Add cooked dalia and suger in it and stir it for 5 minutes .
Add raisins,coconut in it and stir it again utill dalia mixed well with milk.
For granshing sprinkle almond on the top.  you can serve it warm or if you want cold then put it in to refrigerator for 1 hour and enjoy this meal.

Note . If you do not want to boil the dalia in the pressure cooker then you can directly cooked it with milk after toast it .
To boil the dalia in the milk, take some more milk or mix 1/2 cup of water in the milk.
Cooked it with milk on medium heat and stirr it untill it trun in to thick milk dalia.

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  1. very healthy breakfast. Looks delicious.

  2. Healthy breakfast & nutritious too,yummy!!

  3. Thanks for sending across Priyanka, could you please link back Priya's page also ..hugs

  4. Thanks to all for valueable comments!!

  5. Please reply i want to know i make daliya in the night and store in fridge. And eat in morning is that good or not

  6. can't i just roast the dalia a little like we do with suji or semolina without ghee and pressure cook it.

  7. was wondering about the coconut part...will cook the dalia your way and c if the coconut makes a difference...thanks for the recipe though

  8. awesome recipes. marry me :P

  9. This was superb...As i live alone away from my home, so i always keep on searching new methods and ways of cooking healthy food, which is fast and easy to prepare. I love this Milk Dalia....n love u more than this for posting. Ciao.

  10. Dalia khichdri is one of my favourite item.. knowing about your recipe, I will definitely try it.. thnx a lot..

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  12. What if broken wheat is added to milk at night and eat in the morning?

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  14. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Very useful to have a hot indian breakfast.