Monday, July 16, 2012

Aloo Halwa Fasting

Aloo\Potato Halwa


4 medium size potato
3 Tbsp Ghee
1/2 cup sugar
For Granshing
7-8 Almond(cut from between)
10 Raisins
Pinch of cardamom powder

wash and boil the potato on medium heat on two whistle or until they cooked very well  .
 Now peal,  grate or mash them finely.

Take  heavy bottom  pan on medium heat pour ghee ,potato and sugar .

Keep stirring  this ,till this turns in to golden brown heat or aroma comes 
stir this, till it leaves ghee or starting leaving the pan .There should be no lumps.
serve in to the bowl and garnish it with all the ingredients under the granshing section.

Note -  see the color of halwa and mashed potato both have so much of differences and you have to fry it until you get this golden brown color.


  1. Super irresistible one. Looks very delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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    Aloo halwa Looks Delicious !!!

    Neat presentation:))

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