Thursday, August 16, 2012


One of  my favourite recipe and very famous in north india. Generally we use to it make it in our home in day to day life But this recipes takes time so most of us  makes it ocassanllly have sweet miky taste in it. In india some people called it Milk cake also .so enjoy this Milk cake .

  • 8 cups or 2 quart milk
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2-3 Tbsp Lomon juice (for makinf paneer)
  • 10-12  sliced almonds or pistachio for garnishing

Making Paneer:

  • Boil the 4 cups of milk in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat, stirring occasionally, making sure not to burn milk.

  •  when milk comes to a boil, add the lemon juice and stir the milk gently. The curd will start separating from the whey, now turn off the heat.

  • Once the milk fat has separated from the whey, drain the whey using a strainer line with cheesecloth, or muslin cloth.
  • Wrap the curds in a muslin cloth, rinse under cold water, and squeeze well. This process takes out the sourness from the lemon.
  • To take out the excess water, squeeze the wrapped paneer.
  •  Do not knead the paneer.
Making Kalakand:
  • Now Boil remaning 4 cup of the milk in a heavy bottom frying pan on medium high heat until the milk reduces to about two cups or one and half cup .
  • Make sure to frequently stir the milk as the milk burns easily in bottom of the pan.
  • When it reamins 2 cup Add the paneer in the milk

  •            Add sugar and keep stirring till the mixture thickness and form a soft dough consistency.
  • continue to cook and stirring until the mixture become soft lump and start leaving the pan from sides.

  • Pour it over greased plate keeping about half inch thick.
  • Let it cool for about one hour. Cut the kalakand in squares.
  • Granish it with almond and pistcho.


  1. Love kalakand, well made, super delicious

  2. Wow......super delicious treat. Amazing!

  3. This is one of the dish I am thinking of making it for quite sometime

  4. Kalakand is the famous Pakistani and Indian desert. We can call it sweet tooth also. I never had created this at home as I never know the recipe. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us, with the help of recipe, we can make it at home now.